List of things you should know/read


A list of interesting papers that are worth reading when learning for the exam

  • Horn: Quaternion Paper (Link?)
  • Kobbelt: Mesh fairing
  • Kobbelt: Sqrt3 Subdivision
  • Kobbelt: Extended Marching Cubes
  • Kobbelt: A general framework for mesh decimation (1998)
  • Botsch,Kobbelt: All the splatting papers
  • Alliez, Desbrun: Valence-Driven connectivity encoding for 3D meshes (the pictures explain the algorithm very good)

Important mathematical derivations

Things you should be able to derive in your exam (at least it would most likely give you a bonus point):

  • How to formalize and solve the least squares plane fitting problem in the volumetric reconstruction.
  • How to formalize and solve the least squares rotation problem in ICP.
  • How to formalize and solve the least squares quadratic error function problem in EMC.
  • How to formalize and solve the least squares point from a equation of combined fundamental error quadrics.
  • How the eigenanalysis of the smoothing operator works
  • How to derive from the LSCM Riemann-Cauchy objective cost function the new objective function, and how it can be solved.
  • How can the Monte Carlo integration be derived
  • How to refract a ray using Snell's law (and why it is the way it is).
  • How to derive the surface stretch measure (paramerterization).
  • How to intersect a ray with an implicit function which is defined by a quadric (e.g. a sphere).
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