Mesh Decimation

Goals of mesh decimation:

  • reduce computational complexity
  • (similar) build LoD hierarchies

Termination criteria:

  • Approximation error: distance of decimated mesh to original mesh should not exceed a threshold
  • Target complexity: target number of vertices must not be exceeded

Q: Where to put error quadrics and error metrics? They don't belong here exclusively…
Maybe do a new section about error metrics/error measures?

Mesh error measures

Global error measures

Hausdorff distance

Simplification envelope

Error quadrics

Local error measures

Local plane distance

Volume preservation

Fairness criteria

Triangle shape

Normal approximation

Valence balance

Texture/Parameterization distortion

Vertex Clustering


Incremental decimation

Decimation operators

Vertex decimation

Edge collapse

Half-Edge collapse

Progressive meshes


Isotropic remeshing

Incremental remeshing

Anisotropic remeshing

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